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Welcome to Lilac Hotels. We offer clean & cosy private rooms with an emphasis on functionality and convenience. An ideal choice for those who wish to enjoy an affordable, hassle-free, and relaxing stay, with great accessibility to offices, malls, parks, and transport hubs.


Kesar by Lilac

Indulge in the culinary symphony at Lilac Hotels, where culinary excellence meets diverse hospitality. Explore our refined dining experiences in Bangalore and Guruvayur, offering City and Temple Town hotels. Kesar by Lilac in Guruvayur immerses you in a vegetarian haven, celebrating Kerala’s rich flavours. From the richness of Avial to the vibrant Thoran, our chefs craft a gastronomic journey transcending boundaries. In cosmopolitan Bangalore, Kesar by Lilac offers a multi-cuisine gourmet dining experience focusing on quality and variety. From succulent kebabs to light meals of soups, salads, and sandwiches, our chefs curate a diverse culinary voyage.


Celebrations at Lilac

Choose from our exciting and versatile event spaces at Lilac Hotels, designed to cater to all your event requirements, whether it’s a close gathering or a traditional celebration. In Guruvayur, experience the enchantment of weddings and traditional ceremonies in the divine embrace of the temple town. Our banquet facilities, coupled with authentic Kerala Sadhya, create a captivating setting for your event, blending timeless traditions with our signature hospitality. Meanwhile, in the bustling suburb of Jayanagar, Bangalore, Lilac offers venues suitable for a variety of occasions, from cocktail receptions to intimate weddings and business events. Whether you seek the divine ambience of Guruvayur or the vibrant energy of Bangalore’s Jayanagar, Lilac Hotels provides the perfect backdrop for your special moments.

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